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Who is the Best Advisor for YOU?

In this highly regulated industry there are over 100 professional titles relating to what type of services advisors can provide, with a wide variance of experience and accessibility. It can be very confusing tor you to pick the right professional for your unique circumstances… listed below is a list of some of them.

  • Wealth Managers
  • Investment Advisors - are licensed and authorized individuals who are either employed by an investment advisor, or as an independent, associated with an investment advisor who makes any recommendations or otherwise gives financial or investment advice.
  • Registered Investment Advisor - manages the assets of individual and institutional investors. They may be licensed or unlicensed individuals, and must always unconditionally put the client’s best interests ahead of his/her own, regardless of all other circumstances.
  • Full-service Stockbrokers
  • ROBO automated Advisor
  • Fee Only
  • Commission Only
  • Mutual fund company based Financial Professional
  • Insurance company based Financial Professional
  • Life Insurance Agents
  • Account / Tax based Professional
  • Attorney based Financial Advice
<strong>Which Advisor&#160;is best for you?</strong>

Which Advisor is best for you?

It depends on your unique wants & needs and the direction you want to go. We serve all types of investors:

  • Investors – Mass affluent most of the population

  • Accredited investor – Liquid net worth over a million or over 250,000 annual salary.

  • HNWI – Liquid net worth of over 5 million

  • UHNWI- Liquid net worth over 30 million

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