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The Tonka Story

What if a financial firm was operated like a medical practice and specialized in preventable care to keep you fiscally healthy, financially?  Our financial firm practices the same modality and principles to treat your wealth as important as your health, in addition to providing for you when you need care with properly applied treatment plans, for optimum long term financial results.

When you partner with Tonka Financial Services, we will take a holistic approach.  We do this by gaining a thorough understanding of your life situation and risk tolerance as well as your financial objectives, and then work with you to develop an investment strategy tailored to your goals.

Tonka Financial is an established full-service firm dedicated to advising individuals, families, and business owners in pursuing their financial goals.  We accomplish this by tailoring our services around the unique needs of our clients, encouraging them to be active participants in our process, and becoming a fellow member of our Tonka Team. .

Communication is vital to the success of any financial strategy.  Our clients have access to:

  • Monthly newsletters/articles featuring the latest trends
  • Scheduled quarterly, 6 month and/or annual meetings to discuss new ideas and update goals.
  • Online reports allowing them to review portfolio status at their convenience
    (password protected)

These communications are designed around the individual’s need to be informed to give them the control they want.

Meet the Tonka Team, Click Here.