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Our Story

What if a financial firm was operated like a medical practice and specialized in preventable care to keep you fiscally healthy, financially?  Our financial firm practices the same modality and principles to treat your wealth as important as your health, in addition to providing for you when you need care with properly applied treatment plans, for optimum long term financial results.

Gary Aiken, founder of Tonka Financial Services, has many reasons for creating his own Financial Services Company.  Some of those reasons root deeply into Gary’s professional background which contains securities, eye care and education.  Gary started in eye care health and manufacturing with assisting eye care professionals to be more successful, which paralleled with his training and teaching in business related technology courses.  Those two coupled with his personal avocation in asset allocation and equity strategies have made him a diverse and client focused Financial Adviser.

At a young age, Gary learned that not all advice is created equal and is more advantageous, financially, to the advisor or firm, than to the client.  Fascinated by the Stock Market and how it functions, Gary wanted to learn more about it for his own personal account.  Gary educated himself and got a securities license in the early 80’s to understand the rules and regulations of trading and become a better investor.  Gary’s passion for investing, asset allocation, and equity strategies grew into wanting to provide this “investor first” mentality, to the real world.  He started, officially, in Financial Services with a large international Swiss bank.  Over time and many experiences later, he decided that the independent channel was best for the client-centric firm he wanted to form.

Gary took the necessary corporate training to create his own business and begin bringing ethics in service, with the client in mind, to the financial world.  To ensure Gary had the most robust beginning to his endeavor, Gary hired Amy Brochu who has worked for over 25 years with some of the most successful advisers and firms in the business.  Gary and Amy have continued to build the Tonka Financial Team and it has now grown to a very efficient group, dedicated to the vision, principles and client support services that has made Tonka Financial Services a very reliable resource for our current and future clients. 

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