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Living in Retirement

Tonka Financial identifies a unique approach to help make your retirement more successful.  We believe there are three major criterion that may impact your retirement;  They are Taxes, Children & Family and Healthcare.  


The largest bill you will have in retirement is Taxes, the government always gets it's share.  Finding creative and innovative ways to reduce the amount of taxes you pay in retirement is key to ensuring you a more carefree retirement.  We are skilled at using your investment personality to find ways that can reduce your tax liability, giving you the most out of your retirement.

Children and Family

Children and Family are another surprising, yet, easily overlooked that can impact your retirement income.   Sometimes life happens, family needs may exceed your own and therefore, your retirement may need to be allocated to assist with those needs.  Finding the best vehicle to ensure legacy and assist with the possible needs of your family, can be done with proper planning and reduce the need to strain your retirement.


It's a complex area to understand and many times unclear but is a necessity.  The consistent increases in healthcare costs, insurance costs and potentially living longer in retirement stresses the resources you may have available for a long, happy retirement.  Having experience with Healthcare, Medicare and how they work with Social Security and other similar programs we are able to use that experience for the benefit of our clients.