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Dental and Vision Insurance

We like to plan ahead and ensure that all of our clients are well educated and have calculated any potential costs before enrolling them in a plan.  We have made this process easier for consumers to view plan benefits and premiums, without setting up an appointment. 
For clients that like to do the math themselves, this is a great option for you to compare and enroll you and/or your family.

Listed below are just two carriers that we think offer great benefits but there are always others out there and we can certainly shop around with you if these are not what you are looking for.  

Vision Insurance can be coupled with Dental (Spirit) or can be purchased separately, please call our office if you would like more information.

Spirit Dental

Offers progressive percentage and annual maximum benefits and NO waiting periods for coverage. 
Can add vision benefits on for an additional charge.

Shop and Enroll!

Delta Dental

Offers competitive pricing and benefits.  Click the link below to compare!

Shop and Enroll!

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